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Image copyright PA Rail ticket machines across the UK fell out of service this morning preventing commuters from using them to pay fares. Messages on their screens said they had “no online connectivity”, making it impossible for them to transmit

Image copyright PA Image caption Connected cars will alert the driver if an emergency vehicle is nearby A demonstration of driverless cars in Nuneaton will be followed later this year by trials on public roads. Autodrive – a collaboration between

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption WhatsApp is owned by Facebook, so its rise potentially gives its parent even more influence over the media WhatsApp is becoming one of the prevailing ways people discover and discuss news, according to a

Image copyright Orbital Access Image caption Artwork: A number of companies are looking to develop low-cost air-launch systems A government plan to secure growth in the UK’s £13.7bn space industry is laid out in the Queen’s Speech. The stated purpose

Image copyright Reuters Image caption A hacking group is claiming it is behind the ongoing Skype outage A hacking group is claiming responsibility for connectivity problems affecting Skype over the last two days. The Skype outage began on Monday 19